Free Coloring Pages

You have plenty of pencils and markers, but you need something to color? Download one of these free coloring pages! You are welcome to share the colored version on all social media. If you do, it would be nice of you to link back to my blog or my Facebook page. Have you colored a page of mine? Send it to me & I will feature it on my blog!

Please note: Do not share the uncolored version for copyright reasons, and do not use these images for commercial purposes. Copyright remains mine.

Happy coloring!



To download the free coloring pages, simply click on the thumbnail of the image you want. The full-size image will now appear. Now, right-click & save. That’s it! You can now print the image and color it! Note: I drew these images on A5-size paper, but they can also be printed on A4-size paper.

Free Coloring Pages: Mandalas (or Manja-dalas)

ManjaDesign Free Mandala 1   ManjaDesign Free Mandala 2   ManjaDesign Free Mandala 3

Free Coloring Pages: Doodles

ManjaDesign Free Doodle 1   ManjaDesign Free Doodle 2

Free Coloring Pages: Fantasy

Free coloring page elf

Free Coloring Pages: Animals

free coloring page owl manjadesign

Free Coloring Pages: People

Free coloring page Hollywood Glam manjadesign

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