New Free Coloring Page: 150 Likes on Facebook!

Wow! Yesterday, I told you (Facebookers) that I would put a new free coloring page on my blog when my Facebook page hit 150 likes (I had 147 likes at the time). You guys/girls really came through! I now have 172 likes! Woohoo! So, here is the new coloring page as promised. I am throwing in an extra freebie just for kicks.

If you like my free coloring pages, be sure to subscribe to my blog. By subscribing, you will always know when I post a new free coloring page. The next free coloring page will go live when my Facebook page hits 200 likes. If you have any subject requests, let me know in the comments!

Oh, and if you want to support me as an artist, you can always buy one of my coloring pages on Etsy. Stay tuned for my first coloring book…




Free coloring page Owl

free coloring page owl manjadesign

Free coloring page Hollywood Glam

Free coloring page Hollywood Glam manjadesign

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